January 29, 2009

Some January blooms

Some people say they stink, but I can't get enough of that
paperwhite perfume (they smell just like hyacinth to me, and
c'mon who thinks hyacinth stinks?? Okay fine, maybe it doesn't
smell exactly as good as hyacinth, but pretty close.)

Even dime-a-dozen Kordana and Parade roses provide
cheer in the depths of winter.

The big bloom in the center was once a funny-looking bud
like the two on the right. These blooms look different from
others on the same plant, so they're probably some kind of


Rochelle said...

Paul, I really like the deep black background on the first picture. :)

Paul H. said...

Thanks :) It's funny because I wasn't even trying to get that background; the lighting just sort of did it on its own (such a professional-sounding statement).