February 6, 2009


So it appears that what I said about a warm week will ring a bit hollow (maybe). Some sort of chill has descended, and although it will certainly rise above freezing for most of the week, it probably won't be the early spring for which I got so excited (damn groundhog ruins everything). The weather is truly fickle (all too often unfortunately), but I'm still going outside tomorrow with my camera to capture something indicative of spring.

Recently, while reading my favorite food blog, I was introduced to a new term; food porn. It's exactly what it sounds like; delectable photographs of food. I've made the tasteful decision to adapt the term for garden blogging, so please enjoy this plant porn from last spring; it is a German iris 'Supreme Sultan' that I bought at the Farmer's Market. And yes, there will be much more plant porn in the future. :)